The Reemergence of Assyria?

The Reemergence of Assyria?

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The rapid rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has caused many in the world to wonder at its apocalyptic implications. We will examine this emerging problem with what I like to call the “Issachar Challenge” Therefore, we need to address three questions concerning this area of the world:

  • What is its history?
  • Who are its leaders?
  • What is its prophetic destiny?

When you consider the coalescences of current events in the former region of Assyria with Biblical precedents and prophecies it should not seem strange to see this region of the world once again at the center of the world’s prophetic stage. The question is, “What should we be doing during this time of great uncertainty?”

Join Ron Matsen from the Executive Briefing Room of the River Lodge, New Zealand as he examines the past, present, and future events associated with this troublesome region of the world.

This briefing pack contains 1 hour of teaching

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Ron Matsen

Ron Matsen

With over 30 years in the pastoral ministry, Ron has taught verse-by verse through the Bible many times, hosted a live two-hour TV programme broadcast across Europe for more than two years, and taught extensively on the subjects of evangelism, leadership, and end-times topics. Although Ron and his wife are native Californians, they moved to England in 1992 and in 2011 immigrated to New Zealand where they partnered with Chuck Missler at the ministry base, The River Lodge. Ron is currently the President of Koinonia House and Koinonia Institute.

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