I & II Samuel: An Expositional Commentary

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"And all this assembly shall know that the LORD saveth not with sword and spear: for the battle [is] the LORD'S, and he will give you into our hands." And it came to pass, when the Philistine arose, and came and drew nigh to meet David, that David hasted, and ran toward the army to meet the Philistine..." -1 Samuel 17:47-48

The two books of Samuel form a basic foundational study in the Old Testament. An understanding of this basic history is essential, not only to understanding the Old and New Testaments, but in gaining a valid perspective of eschatological issues as well.

This study contains 16 hours of verse by verse teachings.

Copyright © 04-01-2003

  1. I Samuel Chapters 1-3 - Hannah's vow: Hannah's prayer answered: The evil sons of Eli: God rebukes Eli: Samuel is called.
  2. I Samuel Chapters 4-6 - Philistines capture ark of God: Eli's two sons slain: Eli dies: God's glory departs from Israel: God provoked with Philistines because of the ark: Ark returned to Israel.
  3. I Samuel Chapters 7-9 - Summary of Samuel's ministry: Israel demands a king: Samuel warns about a king: God Chooses Saul as king.
  4. I Samuel Chapters 10-12  :- Saul privately anointed king: Saul publicly installed as king of Israel: Saul defeats the Ammonites: Samuel recounts the LORDS past deliverances of Israel.
  5. I Samuel Chapters 13-16 - Saul's self-seeking and cowardice: Saul intrudes into priest's office and is rejected by God: Israel is helpless before the Philistines: Jonathan's bold assault: Subsequent victory of Israel: Saul's rash order overridden: Saul's incomplete obedience:
  6. I Samuel Chapters 17-20 - David slays Goliath: David beloved by Jonathan: Jealous Saul attempts to slay David: David Marries Saul's Daughter: David is protected from Saul: Saul angry with Jonathan.
  7. I Samuel Chapters 21-26 - David seeks safety from Saul at Gath: Saul slays priests: David saves Keilah from the Philistines: Samuel dies and is mourned: Nabal's ingratitude, Abigail's wisdom.
  8. I Samuel Chapters 27-31 - David seeks shelter: Philistines plan attack: Saul consults witch of En-dor: David kept from fighting Israel: David rescues Ziklag captives: Israel defeated on Gilboa: Saul and Jonathan slain.
  9. II Samuel Chapters 1-4 - David hears of Saul's death: David received as king by Judah: Joab murders Abner: Ish-bosheth is murdered.
  10. II Samuel Chapters 5-7 - David becomes king over all Israel: Jerusalem becomes capital: David brings ark to Jerusalem: David's desire to build the LORD a house.
  11. II Samuel Chapters 8-10 - Extension of David's kingdom: David and Mephibosheth: The Ammonite-Syrian campaigns under Joab.
  12. II Samuel Chapters 11-12 - David's great sin: Nathan rebukes David: David repents of his sin with Bathsheba: Birth of Solomon.
  13. II Samuel Chapters 13-15 - Consequences of David's sin: Absalom avenges Tamar and flees to Geshur: David Forgives Absalom: Absalom's rebellion: David flees: Ark returned to Jerusalem.
  14. II Samuel Chapters 16-18 - Ziba, the false servant of Mephibosheth: Shimei curses David: Hushai's warning saves David: Joab slays Absalom.
  15. II Samuel Chapters 19-21 - Joab reproves David: David restored to his kingdom: Joab murders Amasa: Restitution to Gibeonites.
  16. II Samuel Chapters 22-24 - David's song of deliverance: David's last prophetic words: Three days' pestilence: Plague averted by David's offering.

Session 1 of 16 - I Samuel Chapters 1-3 - Hannah's vow: Hannah's prayer answered: The evil sons of Eli: God rebukes Eli: Samuel is called.

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Dr. Chuck Missler

Dr. Chuck Missler

Chuck Missler was the Founder of Koinonia House and Koinonia Institute. It was Chuck’s vision for this ministry that brings us together. His aim was to stimulate us to dig into the Bible ourselves because as we study there is a real opportunity for us to encounter the God of the Universe. Chuck passed away on May 1st, 2018.

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