Foundations in Creation

Foundations in Creation

Creation Education Center

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Confused about the creation vs. evolution controversy, science and the Bible? This seminar series will provide clarity, remove the potential intimidation and greatly strengthen your faith in the inspiration and authority of God’'s Word! We offer answers to tough questions that are both biblically sound, scientifically accurate and culturally relevant. A free Study Guide is included to help you facilitate small group discussions.

Twelve 30 minute sessions (Approximately 6 hours)

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Jay Seegert

Jay Seegert is an author and international speaker. He holds degrees in both Physics and Engineering Technology and is the Founder and Managing Director of The Starting Point Project. This ministry helps Christians better understand and better defend the Christian worldview, increasing their confidence in the authority and inspiration of Scripture. They also offer a gracious challenge to the sincere skeptic and address the phenomenon in which a very high percentage of Christian youth walk away from their faith during their college years. He has been speaking over 31 years and has given approximately 2,000 lectures to a wide-range of audiences. Jay also serves on the Board of Directors for Logos Research Associates and is a Representative Speaker for Ratio Christi.

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