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Donate to Koinonia House

Koinonia House Inc.

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We are a non-profit 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, and so your donation will be tax deductible within the United States.

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Thank you for your interest in supporting our Ministry.

Note: you can also change quantity to increase donation amount.

If you would like to donate via our New Zealand store here. Donations made in New Zealand are tax deductible within NZ.

Koinonia House is committed to getting people excited about the Bible, and in turn lives, being changed. We are taking the message that the Bible is the inspired and inherent word of God all around the world. Chuck and Nan are on the radio in many states as well as in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Finland and South Africa, and around the world on the Internet.

Your donation enables us to translate our materials into non-English languages, air our shows on the radio and television, take care of the many families that work with us, offer people free online subscription to our Personal UPDATE news journal, as well as many other projects we have to make our material more accessible.

Your donation also helps us to provide our online learning center, Koinonia Institute, freely available to all.

We work for a God that is not short of resources and blessings. If you are being led by the Lord to financially partner with us, we would also like to request you to pray for us as well.

We are continually seeking God's guidance to improve our stewardship of what He has given us. As a partner you are responsible for this as well. Prayer is the most effective way you can help us do this.

We want to thank you for supporting us. We could not reach the calling of God without your help.

May the Lord bless you, May His face shine upon you.

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