Daniel - Leader's Guide

Daniel - Leader's Guide

Koinonia House Inc.

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This is a supplemental book for the Daniel Commentary.

Group Leader’s Guide: 59 pages

Ideal for leading a small study group on Chuck's Daniel Commentary.

Daniel had the most incredible career imaginable; he was transported as a teenage captive to a pagan empire and became the primary confidante to the ruler of Babylon. When Babylonia was taken over by its enemies, he rose to the second or third position in the Persian Empire. There are only two people in the Bible other than Jesus Christ of which no evil is spoken, Joseph and Daniel.

The book of Daniel is in two halves: the first six chapters are historical, which deal with the adventures and career of this remarkable man. The second six chapters are some of the most pivotal and important prophecies of the entire Bible. Without a clear understanding of the book of Daniel you will not understand the times in which we live.

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Dr. Chuck Missler

Dr. Chuck Missler

Chuck Missler was the Founder of Koinonia House and Koinonia Institute. It was Chuck’s vision for this ministry that brings us together. His aim was to stimulate us to dig into the Bible ourselves because as we study there is a real opportunity for us to encounter the God of the Universe. Chuck passed away on May 1st, 2018.

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