The Kingdom, Power and Glory

“After being Christians for over 50 years, we consider the truths in this book to be some of the most life-changing principles we have encountered since our new birth.”

– Chuck and Nancy Missler

Will eternity be the same for believers who follow Christ faithfully and those who live a carnal lifestyle?

Does our behavior as Christians matter once we are assured of our salvation?

As believers, how do we overcome the world, the flesh and the devil?

Scripture says we are to “prepare ourselves” for Christ’s soon return. What does this mean for each of us personally? What’s at stake?

This book gives the practical answers to the above questions.

“This book, more than any other, has revolutionized our viewpoint and attitude about the importance of our Christian commitment and service to the Lord with each and every moment that we have been blessed with.”

(John & Denise P., Minnesota)

“The Kingdom, Power and Glory is indeed the most important book Nan and Chuck have ever put together. It is fantastic just how it is changing the way I think. It is crucial for all of us to read and apply the message given.”

(Rob N., New Zealand)

“In one book, you explain the weighty subject of a Christian’s future accountability in the Millennial Kingdom, the way God gives us to live an overcoming life, and the way to be delivered from the world, the flesh and the devil. I plan on handing it out to every brother and sister I can.”

(Brian W., e-mail)

The Kingdom, Power, & Glory: Topical Studies on DVD

Each one of these two-hour studies expands on the main principles included in the book, The Kingdom, Power & Glory. These fundamental issues are necessary for a full understanding of God’s plan for our lives, both future and present.

This is the perfect series for the new Christian just starting out, or for the older Christian looking for a greater understanding of the Hope that is set before us.