The Kingdom, Power, & Glory - Study Guide

The Kingdom, Power, & Glory - Study Guide

King's High Way Ministries

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“After being Christians for over 50 years, we consider the truths in this book to be some of the most life-changing principles we have encountered since our new birth.”

– Chuck and Nancy Missler

Scripture tells us that we are to “prepare ourselves” for Christ’s soon return.

  • What exactly does this Mean?
  • What if we aren’t prepared?

Being ready, fit and prepared will dramatically affect our role, our position and our place of responsibility in the future Millennial Kingdom.

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Part of the Kingdom, Power & Glory Series

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Nancy Missler
Nancy Missler
Nancy Missler, while raising four children, has touched the lives of thousands through her in-depth teaching of Biblical discoveries in her “Way of Agape” and “Be Ye Transformed” books and tape series. Nancy passed away on November 11th, 2015.

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