Worldview Wars: The Crusade Against Truth

Worldview Wars: The Crusade Against Truth

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The "Unseen" War

  • What ideologies are shaping our schools and universities?
  • Why is Christianity being constantly ostracized by society?
  • How can we win the battle for the minds and hearts of our children?

In the early days of the Worldview Wars, humanists referred to their belief system as a "religion." That was until it became more advantageous to clamor about the "separation of church and state" in attempting to eject the Christian opposition from the marketplace of ideas. Suddenly, humanism became de-religionized and was rebaptized as secular science or philosophy. A dichotomous wedge was driven between faith and fact. Today, echoes of that shift are heard in the debates on Evolution, when someone asserts that "this is science, that is faith" rather than that ALL is a search for truth. Join John Loeffler as he exposes the campaign to eliminate from our lives first Truth, and then even God Himself.

Running time approx. 6 hours

Copyright © 09-01-2001

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