The Privileged Planet

The Privileged Planet

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Is Earth merely a speck of dust lost without significance in the universe? Or, is our planet the product of intelligent design? Today, scientific evidence indicates that the many factors that make Earth suitable for complex life also provide the best conditions for astronomical discovery. The Privileged Planet explores this intriguing correlation and its implications on our understanding of the origin and purpose of the cosmos.

Utilizing stunning computer animation and the visual archives of NASA, the Hubble Space Telescope Institute, the European Space Agency, and leading observatories throughout the world, the program will present a spectacular view of our planet, galaxy, and the entire cosmos.

Running Time: Approximately 60 Minutes


  • More than 40 additional minutes of extras
  • The search for Earth-like planets
  • Journey to the edge of the universe
  • Questions and answers
  • Earth from space
  • Reference library
  • Recommended for Public School, Private School and Home School use.
  • Free Download: The Privileged Planet Teacher Guide

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