Revelation: Commentary Group Workbook Pack

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Group Workbook Pack - $139.95

The Book of Revelation is the only book of the Bible with a Promise to the reader! Why? What makes this book so special?

Revelation is a "lens" that puts the entire Bible into focus. The lens is focused on the person of Jesus Christ, and his destiny is imminent. This is a book of victory: We are overcomers! We are the ultimate winners in the game of life! (I read the ending: we win!)

One of the reasons this book strikes us as strange is because of our lack of understanding concerning the Old Testament. The Book of Revelation consists of 404 verses that contain over 800 allusions to the Old Testament. These are detailed, along with Chuck's analysis of the design and structure of this fascinating book. Learn about the past, present and future of the Church and our ultimate destiny. This is an ideal "first study" and foundational for every Christian.

This study contains 24 hours of teachings and is designed for small group study.

This Group Workbook Pack includes the DVD Set, 6 Workbooks and the Leader's Guide

  • DVD set - Approx 24 hours
  • 6 Workbooks
    • Spaces for note taking
    • Quiz and Discussion Questions for Small Group Leaders
  • 1 Leader's Guide
    • Helpful information on hosting small study group.
    • Quiz Answers
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    Available in the following formats:

    DVD (Video):
    • All Region (NTSC)
    • Digital Audio Files on Disc
    • Handbook (PDF Study Notes) on Disc
    Printed Workbook:
    • Paperback

    Dr. Chuck Missler

    Dr. Chuck Missler

    Chuck Missler was the Founder of Koinonia House and Koinonia Institute. It was Chuck’s vision for this ministry that brings us together. His aim was to stimulate us to dig into the Bible ourselves because as we study there is a real opportunity for us to encounter the God of the Universe. Chuck passed away on May 1st, 2018.

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