The Late Great USA: The Coming Merger with Mexico & Canada

The Late Great USA: The Coming Merger with Mexico & Canada

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The European Union was put into place incrementally over fifty years, not by the citizens of the member states, but by the efforts of an intellectual elite who disguised their ultimate goal of a regional government. Today, a bloated, unelected bureaucracy has rule over hundreds of millions of people-people who have no say over the EU's actions, or their own futures. Think it can't happen here? According to New York Times best selling author Jerome Corsi, it already has. The Security and Prosperity Partnership, announced in 2005 by the leaders of Mexico, the U.S., and Canada but never presented to Congress for approval, is already laying the groundwork for the merger of the three nations into a North American Union. "Taxation without representation?" That's just for starters...

Jerome Corsi speaks about the coming merger with Mexico and Canada.

Run Time: 120 Min.(s)

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