Science & Wonders Vol. 2: The Light, The Heat - Book

Science & Wonders Vol. 2: The Light, The Heat - Book

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An Autobiography: Volume 2 in the Science & Wonders series, The Light, The Heat, is the true life story of a science student, her atheistic professors and miracles.

In the first volume, we briefly met Dr. Zenith the astrophysicist. Of course, Dr. Zenith is too awesome to remain in the corner for long. He's Dr. Zenith. He's Star Stuff.  While Amy Joy and the astrophysicist got off badly at first, and he regularly frowns at her out of his mismatched eyes, Amy Joy longs to heal the rift and form a relationship of mutual respect with the physics professor.  In the fall of 2010, she begins the struggle to realize that goal.

Meanwhile, God continues to guide Amy Joy regarding Dr. Stillwell the geologist, and their relationship grows warmer - even when fires flare up and need to be extinguished.

We have all felt separated from God. Unimportant. Foolish.  Biologists and astrophysicists alike carry on as though God doesn't exist - as though there is no Author behind the cosmic play.  Yet, God still pokes His finger through the four space-time dimensions we directly experience. He makes His presence known. Sometimes His work is subtle and quiet, and sometimes He makes His point in powerful, visible ways.

Amy Joy is an every-adventurer who digs up dinosaurs and plays jokes on NASA scientists. She has produced hundreds of articles on science and world events, often from the safety of a paleontology lab or a remote geological crevice. She holds degrees in Biochemistry and Philosophy, and she spends her summers on elk birthing grounds. She lives in Idaho.

Paperback Book: 251 pages

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Amy Joy

Amy Joy holds degrees in Biochemistry and Religion & Philosophy. She has written many hundreds of articles on science and technology, international politics and current events, and has ghostwritten more than 20 books. Since 2012, she has worked for a geochemistry lab when she's not doing graduate research. She lives in northern Idaho with her children, rotating family members, and occasional strays.

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