Looking Up: Understanding the Spiritual Disciplines (Volume 1)

Looking Up: Understanding the Spiritual Disciplines (Volume 1)

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Looking Up Volume 1
Understanding The Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual Disciplines begins with the call to discipleship.

  • The first session gives us a look at our Jewish roots, zeroing in on what it meant to be a telmidin and what it means to follow in the dust of your Rabbi. The session ends with a study of the Shma.
  • Session two is given to Prayer. This class will hopefully be more of a lab, with the emphasis on the experiential element. Our desire is for our students to spend as much time praying as they do in study.
  • Session three deals with ones commitment to the study of Gods Word.
  • The fourth session speaks to the importance of Community and where Small Groups fit into The Fellowship.
  • The fifth session is by Joe Focht, Pastor of Calvary Chapel Philadelphia, teaching on the purity of God's Word.

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  • Dan Stolebarger
  • Joe Focht

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