2020: When Hindsight Becomes Foresight - Book

2020: When Hindsight Becomes Foresight - Book

Ocean to Mountain

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Dodge expected to awaken on 02/02/2020 as a 44-year-old chemist. Instead, she slid out of bed on 02/02/1980 as a 4-year-old child - a child with a memory of the next 40 years...

Dodge remembers the future; she already lived through it once upon a time. Her original self still exists safely at home with her parents, which leaves Dodge stuck in 1980 alone, homeless, and desperately short. She's a child with an adult's education and ability to reason, which she needs in a world where parentless children can face monsters...

Amy Joy is an every-adventurer who digs up dinosaurs and plays jokes on NASA scientists. She has produced hundreds of articles on science and world events, often from the safety of a paleontology lab or a remote geological crevice. She holds degrees in Biochemistry and Philosophy, and she spends her summers on elk birthing grounds. She lives in Idaho.

Book: 278 pages

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Amy Joy

Amy Joy holds degrees in Biochemistry and Religion & Philosophy. She has written many hundreds of articles on science and technology, international politics and current events, and has ghostwritten more than 20 books. Since 2012, she has worked for a geochemistry lab when she's not doing graduate research. She lives in northern Idaho with her children, rotating family members, and occasional strays.

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