A Legacy of Hate: The Long War Against Israel

A Legacy of Hate: The Long War Against Israel

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  • Is fanatic Islam a global threat?
  • How does Islam hope to convert the world?
  • The Middle East conflict is one with deep roots, tracing its history back to the birth of Isaac and Ishmael. Throughout the history of Islam, the primary enemy of Allah has been the Jews and, in modern-day history, the nation of Israel. What is unknown to most is that Christians are next. Avi Lipkin, a former Israeli Defense Intelligence specialist, details many of the causes of tension.

    Avi Lipkin has spoken to numerous churches, synagogues and civic groups (including radio and TV appearances). He offers compelling proof that fanatic Islam is the number one threat to world peace today.

    This briefing pack contains 2 hours of teachings.

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    Dr. Chuck Missler

    Dr. Chuck Missler

    Chuck Missler was the Founder of Koinonia House and Koinonia Institute. It was Chuck’s vision for this ministry that brings us together. His aim was to stimulate us to dig into the Bible ourselves because as we study there is a real opportunity for us to encounter the God of the Universe. Chuck passed away on May 1st, 2018.

    Avi Lipkin

    Dennis Avi Lipkin, alias Victor Mordecai was born in Flushing, New York, grew up in the greater New York City area and moved to Israel at age 19 in August 1968. Avi served in the IDF from February 1972 until January 1973 as part of the IDF Spokesman for the Judea and Samaria Command under Lt.Col Rafael Horovitz. His reserves duty includes artillery reserves 1973 to 1989 and then as an officer in the IDF Spokesman’s Office from 1989 to 2001. From 1973 to 1986, Avi worked in different capacities in international commerce based in Jerusalem, followed by a year in real estate. In 1988, Avi worked three months under Dr. Eliyahu Ben Elissar for the Likud’s victorious election campaign. Avi was responsible for editing and translating the Likud election campaign plank in Hebrew, English and Spanish. During the period 1989-90 Avi worked as senior editor and translator in the News Department of the Government Press Office as part of Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir’s Office at Beit Agron. In 1990, Avi began lecturing in Christian churches and synagogues in the US as well as appearing on radio and TV. In 1991, Avi went to study three years at the Jewish Theological Seminary as part of the MA program. In 1994, Avi resumed full-time speaking at churches, synagogues, civic groups, as well as on radio, TV and interviews to newspapers.

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